WELCOME to Wheelie’s Workshop

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The story so far…

I’m not quite sure when games became a regular part of the Deejay Wheelie Bag Show but I’m glad that they did. Two or three regular gigs a week was great but the pressure was always on to find new tunes to spin. With those top tracks becoming harder to find I found myself adding in weird games and prizes to help keep the shows unique and unpredictable. As time passed I began enjoying the games as much as the music! I retired at a time when the digital world had almost entirely changed the face of music, for better or worse the era of my 45s was well and truely over. I decided that the same thing was not going to happen to my games.

I had the good fortune to licence my first game to Big Potato. They went on to do a brilliant job marketing the game as OK Play and created an amazing best seller

OK Play now sold over 250,000 copies.


I realised that with the success of OK Play the time had come to work on more Wheelie Bag game ideas and launch my own range.

FUNPACK Games – fun to make – fun to play.

The games are all made in the UK using recyclable boards and wooden fittings.

They will be launched in a few weeks and available from Amazon.