OK Wheelie give us a game!



I saw you play last night. Had no idea you would be playing, and you made our night. I’ve never seen such a simple idea, executed so well, with so much creativity, flair and fun. We had a great evening, and wandered about town all glittery and pimped up for the rest of the evening.



Hi everybody, Wheelie here.


Thanks for checking me out! Yes this is the site for the DJ who used to play records nobody had ever heard of. And yes I also played games no audience could understand for prizes they didn’t want. But there’s been a recent update. Now I’m a DJ who doesn’t DJ either. The Wheelie Bag Vintage Vinyl Show is sadly no more but the good news is that my new range of FUNPACK Games are here to stay.


Series 1 includes FOUR great ‘fun to make – fun to play’ games with more to come in Series 2. All the games will be made in the UK using recyclable boards and fittings. Here at the new whiz bang Wheelie Bag website you will be able to find info, pics and videos to help explain and demo the games. They will all soon be for sale on Amazon.


Who or what was Deejay Wheelie Bag?

In June 1999 I invented my first portable sound system and was soon playing music around London’s clubs and bars. In 2001 I began building ‘Wheelie Bag’ sound systems for other DJs. About this time my show also developed to include games that involved audience participation. I retired in August 2018. You can read the whole story in the Wheelie Bag Annual.

Available from Amazon while stocks last.

Wheelie’s Music

My music was an unlikely mix of original 45s gathered together from over 40 years of collecting in all parts of the world. The music ranges from early American Rhythm and Blues, Rockabilly, Cajun and Bluegrass to Jamaican Ska, Caribbean Calypso, West African Hi Life and the Cumbian rhythms of Latin America and Mexico.


Wheelie’s Show

The shows were a bit of a mix between music and cabaret. I included somewhat surreal events and games that lead to even stranger prizes – all from the Dalston Pound Shop. The video clip shows one such game playing out at one of my regular bars The Old Fountain at Old St. EC1.  Also included in my Shows were two electric dancing girls, Surfer Sue and Venus De Vinyl, known as the Wheelettes. You can hear them introduce the Show if you visit the podcast.


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